Garden Engagement

B&K -99.jpg

Bridget and Creighton were joys in their session they have such a natural romance that it became a challenge to try and capture it, to the magnitude of real life. I think the final images came out better than I could have hoped. I am so excited to see these two grow in their lives together.

McDowell Park

I met these two on a cloudy day in McDowell Park, they had their pups in tow and were hoping to get some shots before the rain came. Luckily we did just that! Kyla and Lance have been together for five years and have graduated college, they wanted photographs to commemorate their love, and also to mark the turning of the page. These two are moving to Atlanta in a few short months, I so happy we got the chance at semi-good weather before they leave NC.

Lets Stay In

I have wanted to do an indoor shoot for as long as I can remember, and finally I was able to convince these two to try it out with me. Kaila and Andrew have such an natural chemistry that I basically just stood in the corner with a camera and they did the rest. They wanted to have a shot reading theyโ€™re bible together, which I thought was very sentimental and endearing. Later they brought out the adult grape juice for some additional shots in the kitchen, but hey! Jesus drank wine! Here are a couple of my favorite from this shoot.