Marshall Park Elopement


Alex and Vanessa decided to elope the old fashion way, at the courthouse. However, the idea that a couple runs away and elopes against their families wishes is a thing of the past. It was so wonderful to have this couple surrounded by their family on such an important day.

After these two eloped at the Mecklenburg Courthouse, which unfortunately does not allow cameras inside, we made our way to Marshall Park in Charlotte. Here we laughed and made some memorable photographs. The park was occupied with visitors, as most public spaces are but we found a wonderful tower stairwell that had panoramic skyline views and some much-needed shade from the September heat. Regardless of the heat and humidity the love this couple has for each other and the love their family has for their relationship shone through. It was a gorgeous Friday evening in the park with wonderful people.

Hilton Head Engagement


After meeting with Jason and Nicole this past spring I remember just how certain they were on waiting until the early fall to take their engagement sessions. I told them we could brainstorm some ideas together to find a great location for their portraits. I keep a notebook both physical and virtual full of location ideas so I threw a couple their way. When Nicole came back to me and asked about taking their engagement photos on Hilton Head Island in the Sea Pines/ Harbor Towne district I was thrilled. Although Hilton Head has never been on my photo location list (mainly because of distance from the Charlotte area) I couldn't contain my excitement to shoot in this location with these super cool people.

As the theme of this year has been, however, the weather comes to ruin my plans. This time in the form of a hurricane names Dorian. I sent the couple a message as soon as I heard so we could keep an eye on its progression towards the Carolinas, luckily the hurricane missed us and the weather was lovely. I met Jason and Nicole on the Harbor Town Pier, next to the lighthouse. The beach town vibe, the Spanish moss, and the sunset was everything a photographer could ask for as far as location goes. Not to mention my couple is super rad (I might be biased) and was down to take their shoes off and get in the water, borrow a bike, and try lots of fun poses. We had an incredible time and it shows.