Southern gothic



Southern gothic is a series of traditional black and white double exposure, 11x14 lith prints of classic white farmhouses and the female form. These dreamlike, illusive, shadowed images were enhanced by the alternative lith process- adding an additional layer of clouding to the prints. Through this series, I have attempted to create mysteriously evocative imagery that subtly eludes to a set of societal normalcy that dictates the decisions of young women in the Southeast. Although we are in a time of great female achievement and movement, there are still behaviors that women and young girls are pressured to enact specifically in the south. Such norms considered to be more acceptable, appropriate and desirable. 

The relationship between woman and home, private and public were a concerns I have attempted to address. These images are meant to be both ethereal and unsettling a contradiction that magnifies the enigma of the female role. These images are both unclear and sensuous, raw yet disturbing. It is my goal to elicit in the viewer a constant disposition of loneliness, unease, and reverie.