4th Ward Park


I met up with Lauren and Will before Christmas 2018, and unfortunately we were met in downtown Charlotte by the monsoon winds and torrential rains that can only be customary to North Carolina. We tried to wait it out in the queen city grounds coffee shot neat by but there was no sign of stopping. We re scheduled for a later date in January and I am so glad we did, the weather was perfect and the sun came out for the first time in weeks. These two love birds had so much fun on the shoot, it was great working with their energy and charisma, they were so open for anything I had in mind, yes, even sitting down on the dirty sidewalk. They are obviously madly in love and it shows.

Jetton Park Engagement


This fall engagement shoot at Jetton Park in Cornelius NC was one for the books. We were blessed with a perfect sunny day, despite recent cold and drizzly weather patterns. Jennifer and Tyler joined me with their doggoโ€™s by the lake, and we spent the session exploring the quaint tree filled grounds. After all of the miserable weather it was truly wonderful to get a shoot on such a perfect day.

West to Wyoming

Delta Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Delta Lake, Grand Teton National Park

After putting 1600 miles on a rental car in the matter of 8 days and waking up at 4:30 more times than I care to admit, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone has been crossed off the dream destination list.