More Than Just Shoes

Shoes on the Danube Bank was a memorial sculpture created by Gyula Pauer, made of casted bronze shoes. To passerby who don't know the history of the site, it may see out of place or strange, however, the cite specific art piece was created to commemorate the jewish victims who were ordered to take off their shoes before they were shot on cite and their bodies were carried away by the river. Located on the pest side of the river, trapped jewish peoples, who were housed in ghettoes awaiting the departure to concentration camps were forced by the Arrow Cross Execution Brigade to line up on the waters edge on January 8th 1945. They were shot on the bank while there belonging were stripped of them .

Of all the art museums I have visited over the past tow weeks in Europe, this piece was the most moving. There was an eeriness surrounding the forlorn shoes, a deep melancholy and sense of abandonment even on the bright sunny day ; and as long a they stand every person who walks by will remember what happened here.


Dark Room Days

Nothing beats walking out into the sunlight after spending 5+ hours in the dark developing images. I had a lot of trouble getting the exposure times right on these , and I am so pleased at how they turned out, even though it took extra time. Although I have a faint smell of vinegar and chemistry on my clothing , I at least have something to show for all my time and efforts this morning.