urban photography

Uptown Graffiti Finds


Today I was able to convince a few friends of mine to venture uptown with me for a photoshoot. After all, Its a shame that we live so close to the city and never truly experience it aside from the nightlife scene and museum hotspots.

The four of us parked at a fairly known location and set off across the tracks in search of an interesting urban landscape. We walked in the opposite direction of the metropolitan city, under a bridge and found what we found was what appeared to be a parking lot and demolished building, however, on the crumbling walls surrounding the bleak cracked asphalt covered with litter and broken glass, was the most impressive graffiti art.

Although the trash heaped in the corners of the lot, and empty to-go containers scattered the pavement, we found it an alluring place to capture the side of the city no one cares to really see. There was no waste management here, no city beatification projects conspiring by the benefactors of the metropolitan area. Although we found the there to be great beauty in the landscape that we found and photographed, there was also a forlorn melancholy to the area, as we watched what appeared to be the homeless population huddle under the bridges, and cross these forgotten graffitied parking lots to other destinations.

on a better note, while we were taking photos, posing, and climbing the crumbling walls of this infrastructure we met a nice man who is a native to the city and felt comfortable enough to talk with us for a little while. He told us that the best place to find graffiti was the railroad tracks a mile away, thats were he said her did his best work. He was also king enough to let me photograph him.Although we didn't get to the railroads today, it seems like a place we would have to return to next time we drive out to the city to check out more graffiti art.

There was something so enchanting about these public displays of art that are hardly ever seen by the public, almost forgotten.