Fall Frolicking

I just want to live in a world of coffee, campfires, cabins, and golden trees, and run around with a camera and a notebook learning the inner workings of everything real- Victoria Erickson

Seeing that it's the first day of the thanksgiving holiday weekend I decided that there was no better time to scope out new places in my area. So, at 5:30am when my alarm woke me; It was still dark. I consider calling the whole ordeal off to enjoy my one morning of sleeping in, but somehow I had convinced one of my nearest and dearest friends to wake up with me before sunrise, drive out into the middle of nowhere, and take photos with me on what could possibly be the coldest day in November. The temperature read 29 degrees when I left my house with two thermoses of coffee and camera in hand. When I pulled in front of her house I was worried she too had considered going back to bed, but sure enough she popped out of the house into the view of the porch light and headed down the drive way.

When I say it was cold... we could see our breath, and required many minutes of motivational speeches to get out of the car and head down a beaten path which rumor has it, leads to a walkable bank of a nearby river.


The photographs from this outing make it seem like we were warmer that we were. but take my word for it. It was cold.


All in all though, I was excited to get to spend time with my friend. Luckily after the photoshoot was done we went and got breakfast to warm our hands and our spirits.