Crowders Mountain Surprise Engagement


When Carson first contacted me about shooting his proposal I was thrilled. What could be more exciting than witnessing one of the most pivotal and magical moments in a woman life (and probably most stressful in a mans)? I was slightly worried however, when he told me his plan. Unfortunately  my athleticism and personal fitness was not at an all time high, and he was proposing on the top of Crowders Mountain. The day of the proposal was beautiful, it was blue skies, sunshine, and slightly chilly wind over the mountain top. It was obvious that god created the perfect day for these two. I met Carson's good friends at the bottom of the backside trail, they were assigned to bring his guitar up to the top. So we hiked up bright and early at 9:00 am and waited for the couple to arrive. After about an hour of patiently waiting and catching our breath from the accent, we got the 10 min warning notification that he and his soon to be fiancee were nearing the top of the mountain. His friends hid behind some rocks along with his guitar and I pretended to be a tourist photographer (she luckily didn't know me so I blended in.) However, after he brought his guitar out and some random girl started snapping photos of them, its safe to say she knew something was up. 


His friends and I listened as he played her the most romantic song on his guitar that he wrote specifically for her and this proposal; and he couldn't have picked a better spot to serenade her. The cliff side looked over the entire surrounding area for miles out it was mesmerizing and picture perfect. The horizon even had a beautiful distant view of the charlotte skyline where I had traveled from earlier that morning.

As anticipated he popped the question!

There were tears and laughter and so much love in this moment and I know that I am so privileged to have played a small part in it.My heart is so full from witnessing such a pure and spontaneous moment between two people. I could not have imaged anything better for my first experience photographing a proposal.