Unexpected Farm Photos

So, let me paint a picture.

My professor gave our digital photography class an assignment to photograph 6 times a day; before sunrise, midday, afternoon, sunset, twilight, and night. Which I thought would be so easy, I mean its just landscapes, they don't give you near as hard a time as portraits who only have one good side right? Wrong.

I never realized how much time I spend in the daylight hours working or being in school. I literally miss the sunset every night locked away in the studio. So heres the scenario, I have to get the perfect photograph of a sunset, and the sun is quickly descending upon the land. Unfortunately for me charlotte traffic is bumper to bumper backed up in rush hour, so I accept with defeat that I am not going to make it to my preferred location in time. I panic because this assignment needs a sunset, its required, its in bold. So I quickly and hastily start looking for places on the side of the road that I can take pictures that would appear that I thoughtfully chose my location. And then I see it, a transformer on the side of 49 with all of these wonderfully geometric power lines and angles. Perfect.

I see a turn that looks as if it will lead to a service access across the rail road tracks, and as I'm driving this road, I realize I have made a wrong turn and have stumbled into someones farm. Oops..

As I try to throw my corolla into reverse to get off a strangers property, two flustered men came out from the barn, and the internal thought process kicks in like oh crap how do I play this off, but I suck at lying so I just told them the truth. That I was a university student who has to take sunset photos and I was trying to get over there, but now I'm here.. can you help me? The kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me in the south, because instead of blowing me off, He not only pointed me in the right direction of the transformer I was trying to get to, he also let me photograph his farm.

He gave me a ride in the tractor to the cows its a cattle farm, and also to the lake. I got to meet Eve who was just born the day, he even gave me permission to come back and get additional shots. The experience was so unexpected and wonderful that I threw out my entire previous project and decided to focus solely on this farm.

The house, although no longer lived in, was built in 1930 when the property was first established. It had this beautiful ephemeral vacancy about it, with the chipped paint and slightly ajar doors. The only living things on this farm were the animals, which was a beautiful thought, you could see that they were truly cared for by the farmers that come in to check on them. The cattle was able to roam the lands unlike most beef farms which I appreciate.

Something drew me to this property, Its so strange that in the university area near 85 there is the beautifully overlooked farm across the rail road tracks. The photos shown above are from my final project, I am still so surprised that I was able to experience this farm and its cows so closely six different times a day, and I feel lucky that I was truly able to connect with my work.


Boone Hall Plantations

Boone Hall Plantations was a beautiful place to visit just outside of downtown Charleston South Carolina, The live oaks lined drive in was swoon worthy enough without adding to the fact that Ryan gosling and Rachel Macadams  filmed the some of the most romantic scenes from the notebook on this site. That was mainly the reason why were marked this scenic homestead on our agenda of places to visit while in the charming city of Charleston, oh and because of the history. For more information about Boone Plantations visit Boone Hall Plantations website for more information of the rich history surrounding the property.

My cousin and I pranced around the acreage petting the horses and swooning over the venue that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were married. The salt marshes surrounding the property were absolutely stunning on this warm 65 and sunny January day. We went on multiple tours through the house (where photos are not allowed), through the slave cabins, and on to the plantations fully functioning farm operations. Today we embraced our inner tourist and took full advantage of the tours and amenities this place had to offer.

If you're ever in good ole Charleston SC and looking for something to do, swing by Boone hall, it won't disappoint.