golden light

Golden Light

Photo lighting challenge of 2016

Photographers swear by the magic of the golden hour, the time right before the sun sets or after it rises, when there is this beautiful backlit glow, and stunning cast shadows over the landscape. Today I picked my little brothers up from drama club and set out on an adventure to find the golden light, though somewhat, reluctant I got them to pose for me a bit while I experimented with this creative lighting.

What makes the glow and enchanting quality of golden light so perfect for photography? It’s the softness and warmth it brings to both people and places. From the scientific stand point what we call golden light is just a phenomenon where the light from the sun is traveling through more of earths atmosphere to reach us, creating that captivating hazy softness; Likewise, blue wave lengths are scattered diffusing more red/yellow wave lengths creating a glow that is suitable for any lifestyle photography and flattering on all people. This light also adds dimensionality, in those stunning long cast shadows that entrance even the most novice photo lovers.  The light is also more direct apposed to being downcast from above to it adds a different quality, apposed to what could be created in mid day.

My favorite part of the golden hour is the beautiful flare that can be achieved during this lighting, when this sun is at a lower angle it creates the glowing rainbow spheres, from where direct light hits the lens, which is not always a desired effect but is powerful when intentional. The flare effect is a lovely and unique characteristic that takes photographs to the next level, this is why the effect is faked in so many Photoshop actions its that magical. Likewise backlit rim lighting looks incredible in this time frame, its when the foreground is darker and the subject has a bright outline from where the sun is hitting it.

There is something that I cant put my finger on, about the early morning and late afternoon light, there are plenty of scientific explanation, but I connect spiritually to the idea of the beginning and end of a day, its only natural for such important times to have the most bewitching traits.