Vienna Austria

Vienna, known as the city of music, is one of the truly most magical places I have ever hoped to visit. There is something inviting and familiar to me from the moment I stepped off the boat, there seems to be a melody in the air ,even in the silence of the early morning. As the capital city of Austria and the heart of the cultural, economic, and political centers Vienna leaves little for boredom.The charming and bustling city, and coffee shops paired with the long history of arts, music, and pastries is enough to make any girl happy however, I am enchanted with how much I enjoy just walking through the Christmas markets and down the little town streets. Vienna was so big that trying to pack everything in one day is practically impossible, however we were able to take a walking tour of the city, and visit the museum district. Overall I wish we had had more time in Vienna apposed to just one day, but the time that I had in the city was spectacular.