Lesser Town

Lesser Town | Prague

Mala Strana ( or as translated into english) Lesser Town, does not infer that the town next to Old Town is unequal in anyway, it just implies that it is significantly smaller. Personally, I enjoyed walking through Lesser Town because it was genuinely less crowded and less touristy than Old Town, I appreciated the quiet streets and the Art Nuevo architecture compared to the busyness and overcrowded spaces of Charles Bridge. Although the Bridge was beautiful on the walk over, I got better distant shots on the Lesser Town side of the waterway. Mala Strana was founded by Ottokar II of Bohemia as a royal and prestigious town, it was granted land directly under the Prague Palace. Throughout its existence Lesser Town has seen the rule of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor Charles IV, and the blaze of devastating fires in 1515; shortly after the reconstruction architecture took over baroque elements of design. After seeing Lesser Town I can say that its worth a stop to any traveler passing through.

Ps. I am looking forward to another adventure tomorrow in the charming city of Prague!