Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava is the capitol of Slovakia, part of the former Czechoslovakian Empire. The Slovaks, descendent from slavic tribes, searched for low land with good soil, and found it next to the Danube. Slovakia became a part of the Hapsburg Monarchy and was a very important city for transportation of goods and farming in the 16th century. However, now the town is for the most part, very quaint and quiet to be a capitol city. After the crowds of Vienna it it nice to visit a place that is less touristy and crammed. Bratislava was beautiful in a more unconventional way, you could actually imagine real people living there next to the danube river in small cottages and studio apartments.  After the siege of nomadic Hungarian people, the dark communist past, two world wars and the separation from the Czech Republic its astonishing to see the city still standing and thriving. I am so glad bratislava was a stop on our way to Budapest.