Discover Challenge: Portraits

The Challenge of the self portrait  Being a photographer and a visual artist allows me the time to observes, discern and witness the beauty and the imperfections of all the people and places around me while I try and capture the essence of the thing itself. Weather it be with a paintbrush or behind a lens, there is a great deal of scrutiny that goes into creating a portrait; and this critical eye is even more analytical when the camera is flipped around facing me.

Sometimes it hard to open up Photoshop and begin working tediously on an image of yourself, at least this is my experience. This is mostly because I don’t want an unsightly image circulating of me, but I also don’t want to change my appearance for mere aesthetics.

My biggest advice that I can offer both for myself and other photographers, is to work towards creating an image of yourself that encompasses your personality, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Create something that represents you, even if its not a physical photograph of your face or body. Self portraits mean much more than a simple mirror image of a magazine cover aimed to portray your best self. No, photographic art is much more than that, its no just something you take, its something you make.


Touched Down in Prague Czech Republic

What more perfect place for a bohemian girl than the historic, and beautiful European city of Prague? The largest city in the Czech Republic was also formally known as the capital of Bohemia. A bohemian is classified as a native of Bohemia or

“a gypsy or wanderer. A person, artist, musician or writer, who lives free from convention.”

In many ways I feel like I can fit that description; being an artist in such a beautiful city with such a rich heritage is overwhelming . The city of Prague has existed for over 1,100 years; it has seen the roman conquering and been named the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire, it has witnessed the rise and the fall of the Habsburg Monarchy rule and that of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Prague was a major city in the protestant reformation, it felt the bitterness of the Thirty-Year’s War and unlike many other European nations, escaped untouched from the destruction of World War Two.

Today we were able to tour major land marks such as the Prague Castel, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock which remain intact and breathtaking even after all the years that they have stood. During the tour of these places we were able to witness the apostles coming out of the Astronomical Clock in Old town square and we were even able to climb to the top of the tower to get panoramic city views of old town.


Dark Room Days

Nothing beats walking out into the sunlight after spending 5+ hours in the dark developing images. I had a lot of trouble getting the exposure times right on these , and I am so pleased at how they turned out, even though it took extra time. Although I have a faint smell of vinegar and chemistry on my clothing , I at least have something to show for all my time and efforts this morning.