Quilting Weekend


Its safe to say I bit off more than I could chew, everyone else in my printmaking class screen printed over t-shirts, but I decided I wanted to be different, so I printed on two yards of fabric. I wanted to use oil based ink so I carved two linoleum plated exactly the same and ran them through the press to make a pattern, it took roughly 4 and a half hours just to print my pattern on the fabric. No, I didn't stop there though , I could have made a pillow or and apron to make it easy on myself but I decided I wanted to quilt, it didn't look to hard in the pinterest how-to's so I went out and bought some batting and a backing fabric to put together. The first hard part I realized was pinning it all together so it would match up on all sides, that was until I started free form sewing lines down the middle which made me wish i was still pinning. Also, I was using a smaller size machine (apparently there are huge ones for quilting hobbyists)but what did I know.  Margret , Colton's mom was there every step of the way to help me in my ignorant ways of sewing, and also to condemn the over achiever in me lol.

After tireless hours of pricking myself on the fingers (and Margarets), ripping out bad seams and sewing semi-straight free form lines while simultaneously binge watching zombie episodes I was finally done with the quilting. Although I still had to add the trim the hard part was behind me.

I have a new found respect for quilters, with the amount of time dedicated and money into the projects I understand now why the practice is considered and art form.