Night Sky Photo Weekend

This past weekend I decided to stay up far past my bedtime in the cold to try and master long night sky exposures.I was originally drawn to those beautiful images you see out west with the night sky lit up and not a soul around, so I made it a mission to try and capture some stars on my SD card in my North Carolina southern landscape. I did a little research to see how other photographers mastered the art of low light shots and found that a rule of thumb for night photography is high ISO, and low shutter speeds. Its best to use the Bulb or Time setting on your camera if you have it. Disclaimer: I really should have used a tripod for this occasion, and will not forget to bring it along next time. They are highly recommended when your shutter speed is lower than the focal length of the camera, so with 30 second exposures I was subject to camera shake. However, I used surrounding objects to steady my camera on which worked some of the time.

Most of all be patient, and utilize trial and error. I had to adjust my settings to the environment around me and it took all night to get a few good picture here. It was both a frustrating and rewarding experience, its safe to say I will surely be going back out to photograph the night sky again.