Trip to the Mountains

Spending time with family is one of my favorite parts of winter break. It's unfortunate that loved ones live so far away, but it makes the time spent with them special and heartfelt .

My dads side of the family is from Canton North Carolina which is nestles in a quaint valley. This picturesque town is the quintessential idea of a mountain settlement. From my aunt’s front porch, she has stunning views of the blue ridge range, and of Cold Mountain where the movie was filmed. (fun fact) My aunts neighbor is actually a descendant of the man the movie and book was based around.

I enjoyed getting to photograph this place, and I took full advantage of the golden hour light coming over the mountain before the sun went down. We had a splendid time playing corn hole as the sun descended and the temperature might I add; unfortunately I was out of the tournament quickly because I lack basic hand eye coordination, however I did cheer from the sidelines like a NFL announcer. Like most people I wish I had more time to spend with my family, However I have heard that distance makes the heart grow founder.