Melk Abbey | Austria

The Palace of Melk was so striking from the river when we stepped off the boat this morning, it was set on a picturesque hillside with the quaint town beneath it and was impossible to miss with baroque architecture and bright yellow coloring in comparison to the grey sky. The views from the top of the hill, which looked over the surrounding country side and the Danube River were breathtaking even on a damp windy day such as this one. Although the museum was informative and held many cherished relics of the Benedictine Monastery my favorite part of the castle/monestary was the medieval library which was home to manuscripts dating back to the 12th century.

The most unbelievable notion that stood out to me about the library was that 95% of the books were only arms distance away from me, without three inch thick bulletproof glass. It was beautiful to see these books so closely that were scribed by hand hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately we were not able to take photographs from inside the library so I will now only be left with my memories. Nonetheless, even without pictures the Abbey is well worth the experience even if its farther off the beaten path.