St. Vitus Cathedral | Prague

One of my favorite places that we visited in Prague today was St. Vitus Cathedral next to The Prague Palace. The Gothic Architecture, Mosaic stain glass windows, flying buttresses and gargoyles were so breath taking and unbelievable its hard to believe this building was founded in 930. Although, its current form was completed in the 14th century, the cathedral is still the burial ground of many Bohemian Kings and a few holy roman emperors.  The ornate design, gold Decorations and Floor to almost sealing alter piece was worth fighting the crowd to get a better look. We did the free view however for a few extra crowns their is an optional tour of the cathedral.

We were able to double back later and get a pass for the cathedral, Prague Castle, and the Golden Lane District for only 7.50 US dollars which was a phenomenal deal. The extra money was worth it to see the Alter pieces, stained glass, and marble sculptures better. It was incredible to think of how much time and effort it took each artisan to sculpt the marble, carve the wood, paint the fresco's ,and gilt the alter pieces in gold. It was an amazing holy place that was so unbelievable in size and decoration that my picture can explain it better than I ever could. If your in the area its a must see.