Drawing From Life: Brandy the Pony

brandy 3
brandy 3

Yesterday we had a special visitor at our Mint Museum summer camp; Brandy the pony , who is registered as a therapy animal came for some gentle petting and a convenient grass snack.

The children knew there was going to be a surprise visitor , however they had no idea what was in store for them. When the went through the double doors to the outside , they saw an adorable miniature horse dresses in a pink and green frock from across the lawn. Not only did the kids get to pet and play with brandy, but they also got some great practice in drawing from life. Brandy the pony was our not so still model for the day , she was very interactive and frequently looked over the students drawing boards to check in on the progress. Despite the summer heat , we overall we all had an amazing time with our surprise visitor. I am so fortunate to be interning with such a remarkable company , I have a such a wonderful time every day I spend with the summer camp program.

More to come!